Monday, July 17, 2017

Oaxaca Lodging: José & Leticia's AirBnb

Jose y Leticia's AirBnb

Our vacation started with a really nice AirBnb home, that has 3 bedrooms, a pool and patio. The hosts, Jose & Leticia picked us up at the airport, and provided taxi service for the duration of our stay which was really appreciated. The driver Gilberto, spoke English which was a big help. We had no trouble getting into vacation mode!

The house is very roomy, yet cozy. The kitchen had everything we needed and most of the appliances are new and worked perfectly, including the laundry machines in the room just outside the kitchen.

All of the rooms in the house displayed art by Jose's very talented son, Escobar.

This painting done by his son Escobar, was taken down from one of the bedrooms because it had just been sold!

Detail of the etching on the wall, also done by Escobar.

Even when it rained we didnt want to get out of the pool!

We took a walk to go to the lake Gilberto showed us the day before, but stopped at a local restaurant for dinner. By the time we left the restaurant, it would be mosquito feeding time at the lake, so we went back to the house and jumped in the pool instead.

We really, really enjoyed our (too short) stay at Jose & Leticia's house and their hospitality is exemplary.


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