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Peru Sights: Maccu Piccu

September 15, 2014

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Peru Lodging: Amazon Planet

September 09, 2014

family fun

Living window decorations

Loft Cabins

The huts we stayed in were clean and comfortable, but the there were rusty water problems. It was so hot when we were there that we couldnt spend much time inside, even with the fan on. Plus if we were gonna be in the jungle- then we should be in the jungle!

Peru Sights: Crossing the Equator

September 09, 2014

Crossing the Equator to visit Peru

This was the trip that inspired our travel family philosophy: carry-on only! Our previous family trip was to Hawaii, when the kids were much younger- in fact, one of them was still in diapers- and of course that's the suitcase that didn't land when we did. Lesson learned!

Plus, being able to pass by the baggage claim and go strait to a taxi means your vacation starts sooner!

Amazon Planet Rainforest Tours

Amazon Planet is a organization based in the Amazon Rainforest, that provides and tours and lodging in the rain forest. The proceeds go to support their wildlife conservation efforts.